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3rd & 4th floor Royal Plaza, Munshi Pulia Petrol Pump, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, U.P. 226016

Head Office : Indira Nagar

3rd & 4th floor Royal Plaza, Munshi Pulia Petrol Pump, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, U.P. 226016

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Branch : Hazratganj

Adj. Ram Aasre Sweets, Nawal Kishore Road, Lucknow U.P. 226016

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    Why Er - Dr ?

    With an innovative and strategic approach, Er-Dr classroom sessions introduce basic fundamental concepts of subject in a very lucid and simple manner. All derivations are also done in the classes. This is followed by graduated set of logical, mathematical and numerical examples to firmly grasp the fundamental and concepts, with their applications in various situations. It develops student’s analytical skills and problem solving abilities which is an essential ingredient to achieve success in any competitive examination.

    We the group of Engineers and Doctors have already faced these competitive mega-battles, so we better know how to win! All faculty members possess outstanding academic record, vast subject knowledge and true dedication towards guiding and teaching students. All the faculty members have joined this profession by choice & not by chance, so devotion, determination, dedication and enthusiasm are in their habits.

    Er-Dr Classes has designed and developed high quality study material for IITJEE, AIEEE, Pre-medical exam. and other equivalent exams. The designing concept of the study material is unique. It generates interest, passion and provides strong foundation for grasping fundamentals and their application. Our material is so vast and self-sufficient in every respect so there is no need to refer any other material.

    Latest trends & tools in pedagogy are incorporated in our teaching technique. The art of teaching science, inter alia, includes building a concept from its most basic level. We emphasize the etymology and semantics of the concepts in our lectures. We try our level-best to descend to the intellectual level of the students and build a concept keeping the students’ perspective firmly in mind.


    Fringe-areas of different units are earnestly traversed by us so that our students may have an edge over other students. Of late, upcoming areas like frontier-technologies have emerged as the favourite hunting grounds for the paper-setters. This practice is done to checkmate the monopoly of the established coaching institutes and is likely to gather momentum in coming years.

    ER-DR’s library- A treasure trove for students The library at ER-DR CLASSES is a treasure trove of knowledge, which houses a vast comprehensive collection of books and papers in all the relevant subjects. The books are made available as and when required by the student, as per the rules and regulations of the library.

    Where Your Karma . . . .

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    • Address:3rd & 4th floor Royal Plaza, Munshi pulia Petrol Pump, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, U.P. 226016

    • Phone:0522-4015590